About Us

The Company Develop a Player Pty Ltd. was registered with ASIC on the 1st October 2015 (ACN: 608 535 520) and is a proprietary company limited by shares.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a player centric sports portal to engage family and community members in a collaborative virtual forum


The number of young players entering the sport of Rugby Union and staying in the sport during their development years (6 – 19) has been dwindling since 2009 due to inconsistancy in coaching and media exposure.  Competing priorities and lack of funding by the governing bodies has also contributed to the lack of registered players, however the numbers do exist as well as the social networks to attract players back to the sport.

Our Mission

The mission of the company is to engage the clubs, players’, coaches and community in the sport of Rugby Union and achieve a regional, national and international reputation as an innovative and progressive approach for developing and retaining rugby player in the sport of Rugby Union.

Develop a Player will achieve the outlined mission and achieve the positive outcomes in the following ways:

•   Develop A Player Pty Ltd. will provided expert coaching to all the clubs targeted at each of the age groups from Under Six (U6) to Under Nineteen (U19) plus all senior grades

•   The expert coaching will be designed to supplement the club coaching and help the young players understand the aspects of competing at a higher level and provide a stronger foundation of talent development.

•   At the centre of each enhanced training will be the Develop a Player paradigm of Mind-set (M) Attack (A), Defence (D) and Conditioning (C) [MAD+C]